Service 'Warehouse services'

Our partner warehouses are located in Vilnius, Pruszkow, Tallinn and Riga in strategically convenient locations, in industrial areas of cities, near customs posts, bypass roads and railway freight stations. 
   The territory of each warehouse is at least 1.5 hectares with equipped parking lots for trucks, a recreation area for drivers, an open customs zone.

  • It is guarded 24 hours a day without days off

  • There is constant video surveillance

  • Entry and exit only by pass

  • The open customs zone is 120 square meters

   Our partner warehouses have the status of a reliable sender in the customs of the country of residence, and are also the owners of the AOE certificate, which means they enjoy the trust of customs, which significantly speeds up the customs clearance process. For registration of EX, T1, TIR vehicles should not enter the customs territory, our employees have the right to seal and remove the seals themselves. All incoming cargo is registered, marked, and a storage location is assigned. All operations performed with cargo and transport, including customs, are recorded online. All information is stored on the server and is available to us on any gadget, at any time and in any place where there is Internet access.

   This control system allows you to get the following information in real time and anywhere in the world:

  • Incoming and outgoing transport

  • Availability of goods in the warehouse

  • Shipping documents for each cargo

  • Photos of the cargo, its dimensions, weight

  • A complete archive of all data on goods that have left the warehouse

  • All export declarations with connection to the European MRN status verification system

  • Storage costs of each cargo

  • The costs of customs clearance of each cargo