Service 'Transportation of oversized cargoes'

Transportation of oversized cargo in international traffic is a rather complex process, primarily technically.

  The organisation of this kind of transportation requires high professionalism and an individual approach to each transportation. Our employees work very carefully and thoroughly study all the details of the organisation for each specific request and requirements of the client.

As a whole, such service includes the following stages:

  • Cargo assessment: often has a non-standard shape and a displaced center of gravity    

  • Selection of the necessary transport, taking into account all the characteristics of the cargo

  • Drawing up a layout for placement and fixing on the site

  • Route development

  • Preparation and execution of all necessary documents

  • Organisation of cargo escort during transportation

  • Daily information about the location of the cargo and the planned date of arrival

   Please note that the organisation of this kind of transportation requires enough time, considering the routing, selection of transport and preparation of all necessary documents.