Service 'Project transportation'

The project transportation is another direction in our activity, which we are actively developing and improving.

   The organisation of project delivery requires good experience and a competent approach at every stage: from the moment of selection of transport to unloading at the recipient, since any error or delay on the way can stop the entire production line. Therefore, if it is necessary to transport project cargo, we recommend that our partners entrust the organisation of such delivery to one company. This will allow the organiser to control all the moments and eliminate mistakes as much as possible.

At the same time:

  • we coordinate the arrival time for loading, customs, unloading

  • we keep in touch with the sender and the recipient

  • we select the necessary transport according to the agreements and requirements

  • we develop the optimal route, calculate the transit time

  • we help and advise on the issues of registration of the documents

  • we control the movement of each car and inform the customer and, if necessary, the recipient on a daily basis

  • if necessary, we obtain additional cargo insurance