Service 'Transportation of consolidated cargo'

Transportation of consolidated cargo is particularly popular today. After all, the main advantage of this type of transportation is its low cost. You don't have to pay for the entire cargo module. The customer pays only for the space actually occupied in the trailer.

   In fact, transportation as part of a consolidated cargo requires much more preparation and more careful planning, so our company employs a whole department of experienced specialists responsible for each individual segment of the delivery. When working out the transportation of goods as part of a consolidated vehicle, based on the customer's requirements, we can offer several delivery options at once regarding time and price. An extensive warehouse network and the presence of partner logistics warehouses in the territory of the EU allows us to clearly build routes, control all stages of cargo transportation and consolidation, and also provide an opportunity to offer additional services for labeling, repacking, control weighing or measuring of the cargo, customs clearance in the EU. The availability of services for additional verification of shipping documents before passing the border almost fully eliminates delays at the border due to documents errors.

Besides, when working with us, other related services are also available to you:

  •   Photos from the consolidation warehouse

  •   Sending shipping documents until the moment of crossing the border

  •   Possibility of manual, mechanical overload and crane overload

  •   The minimum number of destination CP per a vehicle

  •   Multiple delivery options for one cargo

  •   Additional weighing, dimensions measurements

  •   Re-palletisation, labelling