Service 'Transportation of general cargoes, including by own transport'

Deliveries of full truck load (general) cargo occupy a leading position worldwide relative to any other transportation. Our company has more than 10 years of experience in organising such transportation in international traffic with our own and involved transport.

Nowadays, we can offer a separate vehicle with a load capacity of 1 ton or more for cargo delivery. The presence of a wide and proven partner base in this direction allows us to quickly select the necessary number and type of vehicles for your cargo. When working out the delivery our specialists take into account all the requirements and wishes of the customer. We easily transport cargo that requires a special regime: all types of ADR, temperature cargo, bulk cargo, etc. The current geography of transportation has practically no restrictions. Moreover, depending on the country of departure, we offer a delivery option with transshipment at partner warehouses in the EU, which makes it possible to reduce transport costs.

Moreover, we offer additional related services to the delivery itself:

  • customs clearance in the EU and the Russian Federation

  • registration of Euro 1 for the goods

  • consultation and assistance in the preparation of the necessary specific documents

  • warehouse storage in a heated warehouse under security surveillance

  • labeling, re-packing, recalculation and additional weighing of the goods in our warehouse if necessary

  • additional cargo insurance against all risks

  • verification of shipping documents before crossing the border

  • assistance in filling out CMR, powers of attorney, preparing information letters to external and internal customs

  • full informational support of the personal manager during the entire transportation

  • daily notifications about the location of your cargo from the moment of collection to unloading at the recipient