Service 'Cargo insurance'

One of the related services provided by our company is additional cargo insurance. Many partners, when transporting fragile or expensive cargo, want to additionally insure their goods against all risks. We, in our turn, provide favourable rates, thanks to long-term cooperation with one insurance company and a large volume of cargo.

   The rate depends not only on the cost of the cargo and its nature, but also on the chosen route, transport, and the number of overloads. Therefore, the cost of insurance for each partner is calculated individually and is issued before the load. The beneficiary is the customer company, to which we provide an insurance policy.

The following information is required for registration:

  •   Travel route

  •   Type of transport

  •   Name and nature of the cargo

  •   Weight and nature of cargo packaging

  •   Cargo cost

Please note that we provide cargo insurance services only in conjunction with the organisation of transportation