About the company

   The DeltaUnion Group of Companies is a single well-coordinated mechanism for the global delivery and clearance of goods.     We are a team of professional managers, logistics specialists and declarants who work according to proven algorithms and schemes.

    The rich experience of each employee allows us to solve complicated tasks of modern logistics in the shortest time possible. For greater productivity, our team is divided into departments, each of which performs clear functions and solves specific tasks. We work with our clients on the one-stop principle, when each company has a personal manager-curator assigned, who within the team already sends requests to the right department. According to the feedback from our partners, this work scheme is convenient because you do not need to remember which employee to contact for which issue. The manager is always on call and is ready to answer any questions about the organization and progress of transportation. The accumulated database of proven contractors, including the residents of the EU, the Russian Federation, Belarus, Turkey, China and many other countries, allows us to quickly choose the right vehicle. We will easily deliver your cargo from the EU to any point of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, and Belarus. We can easily arrange the transportation of goods from China by sea or by rail. For small shipments, we can offer the option of air delivery, or delivery as part of a consolidated cargo. Before sending the vehicle to the border all shipping documentation will be carefully checked and, if necessary, our customs declarants will help to correct it. We pre-coordinate the closing documentation for transportation with our partners, and the next day after unloading, the client receives copies of the invoice and the certificate of completion by e-mail; the originals are sent by mail to the customer's address. All employees speak foreign languages, which is a significant plus when working with foreign partners. 

    Our goal is to constantly develop and study the needs of the market, so we offer a number of additional services for even greater convenience of transportation with us: